Visiting Angels Case Study

Visiting Angels has been providing care across the world for 20 years. The business has been built on recruiting, training and supporting the very best caregivers and enabling them to deliver premium quality homecare.  Visiting Angels now has around 630 franchisees world-wide and first started providing care services in the UK three years ago.

Dan Archer (Managing Director) Visiting Angels explains:   “At Visiting Angels we put carers at the centre of our business to make sure they can deliver a truly person-centred service to families.  Our aim is to be the UK care sector employer of choice by 2022.  In order to achieve this goal, we work with and support franchisees who can deliver our care-centric vision on a local level, to provide an overall better level of care. 

“Our franchisees are “people-people”.  They are resilient and good team managers who are passionate about rallying against poor care treatment.  They are commercially aware yes, but they are driven to give the very best care.

“There are around 10,000 people in the UK needing care services.  However, there is a shortage of quality care providers. We currently have five franchisees in the UK and are looking at recruiting a further ten in 2020 and more after that.   To support our franchisees and their teams of caregivers, it is essential that we provide the best training and support and accountancy services comes into that.

“I was first introduced to Carl Reader, chairman of d&t when I was working on other projects way back in 2010!  As chartered accountants and business advisors to the franchise industry, d&t’s staff have a wealth of expertise and experience in managing the accounts for franchise organisations and their franchisees.   Therefore, when I first set up the pilot business for Visiting Angels in Sheffield three years ago, hiring d&t to look after the accounts, bookkeeping and payroll was a logical step.

“Working with d&t is like a partnership.  They come along to our franchisee induction training and answer questions about how best to set up accounting systems.  This is really helpful for new franchisees who have often never been self-employed before.  d&t offer guidance and support right at the outset.  There is no obligation for any of our franchisees to work with d&t on an ongoing basis, but so far, they have all chosen to use d&t for their standard accounting work, including: year end, corporation tax and company accounts.

“We also subscribe to Xero through d&t, which is a cloud accounting software package.  In Sheffield for example, we typically work with 70 private partners delivering between two-three thousand hours of care services per month.  The software we use, logs the calls and this digital information integrates with our scheduling system and into Xero so the correct charges are made.   Previously, I had tried an alternative application which didn’t work, so d&t advised on the switch and this provided a practical, simple solution to keep track of work and invoicing.

“This is a clear example of how d&t’s team is focused on coming up with the best possible outcome for all involved.  As our franchisees’ business grow and mature, it is important our accountancy practice understands how we need to mitigate risk against profit and continue to provide the very best care services available.  d&t also recognises the important relationship between franchisee and franchisor and how this needs to be nurtured, maintained and strengthened by working together to create a better business for the future. 

“In short, d&t’s insight into the franchise industry means they can provide a better, more economical service and a greater level of support for Visiting Angels’ franchisees than a traditional accountant.  They add value by taking care of the numbers, leaving us to focus on the people looking after our partner families and providing the best carer-centric service available.”

Originally posted by Franchise Info