Why use us?

This is a piece of legislation outlined by HMRC to support businesses that provide further education to children of all ages. We have supported over 500 partners including 10 different franchise businesses who are eligible for VAT exemption. Most tuition-based businesses do not realise they qualify for VAT exemption, unless supported by a specialist in the field, such as d&t. We work alongside our partners to maximise legitimate VAT relief, saving them money and keeping them competitive with others in their sector.

Our comprehensive knowledge of this particular legislation empowers our team of specialists to qualify each businesses eligibility for exemption.

There are of course qualifying factors that we will take into consideration, but if your business provides Nursery or Childcare then it is highly likely that you will be eligible for Tuition VAT Exemption.

We began advising in VAT Exemption in 1999 and are regarded as the leading experts in this field. Our niche has been built from supporting dozens of franchise networks who provide curriculum based tuition to children of all ages.

Our tax advisors will be able to support your business and further your understanding, providing you with FAQ documents that we have honed from years of experience.

Margins in any business are a key factor to success; by making use of this legislation allows your business to stay competitive in a market where others will already be making use of the exemption.

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