Why use us?

Property businesses can vary from single residence operations to having multiple properties spread across a region and even fully-fledged development projects. Due to the high demand for UK housing the Government has sought to restrict the amount of Tax Relief available to Landlords, meaning higher bills and tighter budgets.

Despite the recent changes we still see significant investment portfolios succeed due to careful planning and taking on board the advice of our expert team.

d&t help our partners by advising on whether or not properties should be kept in their personal name or via a limited company; investigating the pros and cons of both option with each individual. As you start to reach a critical mass of properties that you manage, this becomes a necessity so you can maximise the return of your investment.

Opportunities of shared ownership with a spouse, or even transferring deeds over to a spouse can greatly increase your returns.

Once you’ve reached that critical mass stage, you will likely already be familiar with the below list:

  • Capital gains tax
  • Capital allowances
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Stamp duty land tax


​With the help of our experienced tax advisors at d&t we can ensure that you’re not making unnecessary payments, maximising the profitability from your investment.