No matter if you are an existing employer or looking to set up a new company PAYE, our dedicated Payroll and Pension team are here to help with any questions.


D&T’s payroll team can deal with any payroll, no matter what size or payment frequency. With our scaled pricing we can give you a competitive price.

  • We provide a secure portal that your employees can view payslips, P60’s and P45’s.
  • As a part of our data protection, we encrypted your payroll reports to ensure that your reports are delivered safely.
  • To ensure that your payroll has no problems, month by month, the payroll will be checked by yourself to give you greater control.
  • New Employer? No problem! We can help you set up a PAYE scheme from scratch (provided you qualify under UK law)
  • We can help with your Construction Industry Scheme


  • As a part of our standard payroll service, we can calculate your pension contributions however your pension scheme is set up.
  • For you convenience, we can upload you pension on behalf of yourself every pay period.
  • For your convenience, D&T can assess your staff every month to ensure you stay compliant with auto-enrolment duties.
  • Every 3 years an employer must complete a pension declaration from the pension’s regulator. D&T can complete this on your behalf as an additional extra.

BrightPay Connect

As an optional extra, D&T can provide you with a secure and reliable portal where you and your employees can safely view and print reports at any time.

  • BrightPay Connect is compatible with Windows and Mac and can also be found on the Google Pay and Apple store on smartphone, free of charge.
  • You can run any report you like with a date range and choice of who is in your report. You can then download these reports as a CSV or PDF at any time of the day.
  • As the employer, you can view how much you owe HMRC including a month by month breakdown.

You can Use BrightPay Connect as a HR resource for your company.

  • The employee calendar allows your employees to request different types of leave for you to accept
  • You are able to upload any HR document (such as an employee handbook) for either all employees, just one department or just one employee.
  • You can give different levels of access to different staff so your head of departments can manage their own department.

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