Your route to obtaining independent finance

Many business owners underestimate the importance of structuring a cost effective financial solution when starting out. Simply using their own bank, or one selected for them.

“d&t will structure the most suitable funding for the business and individual circumstances, free from ties to any one bank or lender”

Our team will look at various financial models, maximising cashflow in the first few months, setting working capital at an appropriate level and ensuring the business is not too heavily geared.

Our panel of lenders includes govenment support, high street banks, asset and vehicle financers as well as other alternative lenders.

To ensure you’re not paying over the odds for captial you need to start your business, our fully independent broker service is essential.



Splitting funding applications down using asset finance solutions can be the best route forward to attain the strongest financial structure for your business.

The world of asset or equipment finance is quite diverse. It includes cars, vans, trucks and all manner of special vehicle conversions, restaurant and workshop equipment and can also extend to site projects like contractors fit out for heating and ventilation, catering, electrical and plumbing and some works associated with these elements.

Our key services are accountancy, tax, funding and advisory. We can also help with bookkeeping, asset and wealth management, asset finance, franchisor and franchisee services, inheritance tax, payroll and much more.

Speak to Phil Archer, to see how we can help your business.

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