Franchise models are a fantastic platform to launch a killer business, a proven and easily replicable concept you have all the tools to hit the ground running on day one.

Despite this, sharing best practice from those within your franchise, sector or external franchise professional can be a sure-fire way to elevate to the next level.

We find that to create a successful business you need all the skills in the below chart.

Typically, we find that a franchise model is especially susceptible to those who have strong business insights and entrepreneurial skills, but like most individuals need additional support in one or two aspects required to build an independent business.

So, what are these skills?


The foundation of any good business, without which the best systems can fall to their knees! Other than the day to day, this is speaking to your employees and management teams and ensuring that they know and are onboard with your vision for the business.


Staying relevant and building a brand that is easily accessible to your clients, talking and marketing to them on a level they relate to is absolutely vital. You could design the best eyewear in the world, but if your marketing to people who have 20/20 vision you’ll never succeed.


Systems and processes are largely dictated by your operations manual and the franchisor, however history shows that some of the best innovations of franchise systems are driven from the franchisees on the ground adapting to new technologies and ways of working. This should always be undertaken in partnership with your franchisor. 


Unless you’ve come from an accounting or banking background the numbers tend to be where most franchisees stumble and we know that it can make even the most astute go cross eyed crunching the numbers.  This is everything from funding, cashflow forecasts, compliance and P&L’s. 


Capping off the lot is strong leadership, this is the ability to get the best out of your employees, leading by example and encouraging your team to be better than they currently, all without piling too much pressure to discourage them the other way. With great leadership and communication, you can tie together your business and bring in key personnel or partners to support in the other aspects. 

Our Franchisee Academies are designed to expand upon these areas and build greater understanding drawing upon both our expertise and that of our trusted partners and affiliates. They’re not always silver bullets, but what we will give you advice that you can implement today to ensure you’re still no only trading but excelling ahead of your competitors tomorrow. 


Creating a Knockout Business Plan!

More than a tool for funding

  • A business plan is viewed solely as a route to attain start-up capital, however used in collaboration with actual financials it’s a platform for sustainable growth. Don’t believe us? Let us explain how.


Creating total clarity for business decisions

  • Are you looking at expansion, investing in equipment or taking on new key personnel? This talk will cover aspects of how a business plan can mitigate risks, crisis manage and create a meaningful cashflow projections that can allow you to focus on key areas to maximise profit margins.



Funding the Dream!

Knowing when and how to attain finance has never been easier

  • Looking to fund an expansion into a new territory, create a diverse and targeted marketing strategy or invest in new equipment or physical assets? Not to worry we have you covered.


Structure your payment plan to maximise your cashflow

  • Whilst assets can be purchased outright it might not be the best course of action for your business, by spreading the cost out you allow for better cashflow in the early months as the investment comes to fruition. Allow us to explain the finance options available and how to ascertain the best route for your business.


Adding Value Not Numbers!

Crunching numbers

  • Navigating balance sheets and P&L’s looking for tax savings can be a tiresome and often thankless task when you’re unable to reap any rewards. Thankfully though you don’t have to, our accounts and tax teams work with over 100 Franchise brands across a myriad of sectors, so we really know our stuff when it comes to the numbers.


Here to help – hit us with questions about compliance and financial services

  • We will discuss some typical FAQ’s, benefits and advice that positively affect your business today, plus answer any technical queries you may have.



Back to Business – Post-Covid

Change is nigh upon us, are you ready?

  • Life as we know it has come to an abrupt halt, whilst I’m sure Boris has it on track… There’s no harm in looking to the future and planning what you can do today to maximise the effectiveness of your business returning to ‘normal’.


Preparation now allows for greater reactivity to bounce-back

  • In this session we will discuss our analysis on both the social and economic repercussions businesses will face in a post-Covid world, considerations to be aware of and how you can adapt to a new way of reaching your clients.



Marketing and Communications – Post-Covid

  • Learning to communicate in a post-covid world
    The world has changed massively since the beginning of the year. Your target audience will have been impacted by covid, as much as you and your own family have been. Maybe more-so. With this in mind, how do you now communicate with your target audiences in a post-covid world?
  • The way people respond to marketing has changed. So have our techniques
    Marketing techniques are always adapting to move with the trends of the time. In 2020, this has led to some drastic changes to how marketing is perceived. By adapting our strategies to fit the mood of your prospects, we can stay relevant and connected to walk with your target

Success with Google Ads

  • Engage the power of Google search for your brand!
    Most people’s buying decisions begin with Google. So, how can you ensure you are visible, when it matters most, and not ignored amongst the noise?
  • The science behind a successful AdWords set-up
    As Google partners, we have set-up and managed thousands of Ad campaigns. Having mastered the science for franchising AdWords success, we are ready to share some important lessons with you.
  • Optimising your Google Ads
    To be a success means people love you. But the one key relationship for a brilliant Ad campaign, is to make Google ‘love’ your campaigns. We will show you the winning formula, so you can WOW! Google with yours.

Success with Facebook Ads

  • You can be a winner with Facebook Ads
    It’s easy to set up adverts on Facebook. The challenge, is to set-up ads which will get you noticed by both Facebook, and your target audience. We will explain how to create a winning campaign.
  • Identifying your Audience, and creating an attractive avatar
    You have to know who you’re talking to; and Facebook has to know who you want to talk to. Speaking to your right audiences, based on creating a perfectly created avatar, is the difference between a failed or successful campaign.
  • The right advert will speak for you
    Whilst most brands spend most of their time on setting up their adverts, they forget to invest more time in creating the right look. Invest your time wisely, and your ads will be a clear voice for your campaign.

Convert more Prospects with Retargeting

  • Absorb the power of retargeting
    Have you known anyone to convert straight away from your website? People are cautious, and risk-averse. We need to woo them on their journey of discovery. Retargeting has proven to be the most cost-effective online marketing tool. Ever.
  • We’re all about the pixel
    Do you know how to get one? How you set-up your website has to now include the ability to stalk your visitors with a ‘pixel’. This means they can never forget you, and they travel through a range of adverts you’ve created just to remind them you’re there.
  • The Ultimate in banner ads
    Utilise the first thing visitors will see, so they remember you. Create banner ads designed to draw your customers back to your website, time after time.

Visible Video Marketing

  • Video killed the radio star and is here to stay
    Now, more than ever, video marketing is an essential weapon in your marketing arsenal. But there is a right way, and a wrong way to use it. So, we will guide you as to where and when you need to use it.
  • Shoot your own video, slay the competition
    To really grab people’s attention, we will guide you through the essentials. What equipment, techniques and software you cannot skimp on, if you are going to create your own DIY video content which won’t be paused.
  • Sharing is caring
    There’s nothing worse than creating a video masterpiece no one sees. We will show you how to ensure your video is seen and interacted with, by focussing on the right time and place to post it.

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