Helping Franchisees Achieve their Business Goals with d&t’s Franchisee Academy

d&t works with over 100 different franchise networks across the UK. The experienced team support thousands of franchisees and their businesses across a wide range of sectors, offering the highest levels of franchise expertise and a personal service to work proactively with franchisors and franchisees to identify challenges and drive businesses forward.

d&t runs a series of Franchisee Academies designed for networks and tailored to the needs of franchisees. As trusted business advisors and accountants, d&t is well placed to provide advice on a variety of pressing subjects to help franchisees plan, manage and grow their businesses.

Since the spring of 2020, the Franchisee Academy series has gone ‘virtual’ and a collaboration with franchise marketing company, Coconut Creatives, has enabled specialist marketing to be added to the list of subjects open for discussion.

Rachel Stewart, managing director of Barking Mad, the UK’s most trusted dog sitting business explains: “Our franchise has been adversely affected by the Pandemic as the need to look after pets reduced dramatically while people were on the lockdown and of course, not able to go on their planned holidays.

“We have a long-standing relationship with d&t as a preferred supplier for accountancy services for our franchise network. We invited our franchisees to join d&t’s webinar to cover the support available to businesses following COVID, to ensure they were all up to speed on what they were entitled to claim and to supply information on loans available including Bounce Back and CBILS.

“In addition, we wanted the webinar to cover cost effective marketing and Coconut Creatives were able to provide inspiration and positive feedback about the importance of messaging relating to safety and consumer confidence in the current climate. As a pet franchise we are strictly regulated and have protocols for handling dogs and equipment and the presentation really hit the spot as it covered how to make our customers aware and feel safe about the protective measures we have put in place.

“Although many of our franchisees attended the virtual webinar ‘live’ some were not able to join the video call on the day and so we were able to encourage them to watch the recorded session later, which was invaluable.

“At Barking Mad we would highly recommend d&t’s tailored approach to this webinar series as it has been of great benefit to our franchise network. One of our franchisees commented: “The webinar was​ concise and well informed. I am looking forward to implementing the personalised, local marketing approach as a way forward to get my franchise back up to full steam once more.”

Rhonan Bland, head of global training and support at Little Kickers, the popular pre-school sports franchise confirms: “Our franchisees provide excellent coaching and a quality programme. We are eager to encourage them to bring their commercial focus up to the same high standard. The webinars run by d&t and Coconut Creatives are really helpful as they provide a credible, reliable source of information on the most pressing subjects.

“The social media marketing webinar was particularly well received by franchisees. People were interested to learn about Facebook targeting and how to create an audience using imported customer data for more effective advertisements .

“We will try and support our franchisees by providing access to regular quarterly webinars covering the areas most relevant to them. Since the shock of COVID, it’s become more apparent that cash flow analysis is really important, so we will look at arranging a webinar with d&t on this subject in the near future to help franchisees prepare for whatever is around the corner.”

From business planning to funding to operational excellence and post COVID ‘back to business’, d&t’s series of franchisee academy webinars can be tailored to the needs of the network. On the marketing side, Coconut Creatives covers topics including: success with Facebook and google ads, video marketing, re-targeting and marketing and communications post COVID.

At d&t, our goal is to add value not just numbers for franchises businesses. Talk to us today to find out how our academies can contribute to helping your franchisees achieve their business goals.