Elevate your franchise

Maximising the efficiency of every area of your franchise is one way to help elevate your brand to the next level. To keep moving forwards you always need to be pushing for better. With costs continuing to rise year-on-year, streamlining processes and improving productivity is key, as is clever marketing to grow sales.

Staff need to be trained correctly to ensure they are working to their optimal efficiency. Staff need to know exactly what they are doing and have a defined process in place to complete every task, eliminating wasted time, which should all be covered in your operations manual. Motivation of staff to ensure they are all pulling in the same direction towards clearly defined company goals is also important.

There are lots of other ways to improve overall efficiency too. Just think, if you improve by just 5% in every area of your business how much effect this will have overall and multiply this over time?

Time spend on the road is a good example. Consider territory mapping as a great tool for maximising the productivity of any given franchisee. The level of data that we are able to extrapolate from territory mapping software, not only allows us to create even-territories, but also heat map partner demographics, view B2B opportunities, as well as highlighting competitors in the area. All this data can be transferred into targeted marketing campaigns, maximising return on investment per marketing spend.

Introducing LEAN processes can be fun and help efficiency. It’s all about creative, innovative ideas to streamline repetitive processes and eliminated wasted time, staff can be encouraged to come up with cost effective, simple ideas which all make a difference. A good starting point is Paul Akers LEAN manufacturing videos on YouTube which look at how to implement continuous improvement to change the way we live and work.

However, growing your franchise needs to be undertaken in a carefully considered way. One of the common pitfalls of trying to elevate your brand is growing beyond your means. For franchisors, this might happen by recruiting more franchisees faster than you’re able to support, creating a knock-on effect, perhaps leading to franchisee failures, mismanagement and not being able to uphold customer service levels. You can also get stung by not having appropriate supply lines in place.

On the other hand, investing in people, systems and equipment before you need them is necessary. If you wait too long, it will already be too late, service levels will begin to fall and your reputation will suffer. Talk to d&t and we can help you carefully consider asset finance options that you can realistically afford, which may help you move forward when you/your franchisees need to invest in new equipment for example, not to mention growth business plans mitigating the risk of taking new members of the team.

There are many ways you can make continuous improvements to elevate your franchise brand. On 21 February 2020, d&t is running a FREE seminar in London and in conjunction with a number of industry leading experts, who will supply many more ideas on how to elevate your brand.For further information or to book a place please see:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/established-franchisor-academy-workshop-21st-february-2020-tickets-78427070479?aff=ebdssbeac

First published in What Franchise paeg 48. https://www.what-franchise.com/images/uploads/reports/15.8.pdf