Winter is Coming

In the summer, it looked like the Pandemic was abating.  The sun shone and the high street finally re-opened its doors.  Businesses started to nurture the green shoots of resumed trading and potential economic revival.  However, suddenly infection rates have increased once more, and winter is coming… In response, the Government has introduced further support […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

There are good trends, bad trends and plain ugly trends! I’m not talking about the shoulder-pad fashion faux pas of the eighties here, but financial trends which can be discerned from accounting information. For franchisors having the figures to hand which show fluctuations in franchisees’ cashflow (good, bad and the ugly), means immediate support can […]

Never be afraid to ask for help

There is still support out there for businesses facing the consequences of reduced trading due to the Pandemic. There is still support out there for businesses facing the consequences of reduced trading due to the Pandemic.   However, some of that support is not being claimed!   This maybe due to confusion, not knowing where […]

Business planning cannot be underestimated

We’ve all heard the phrase: measure twice cut once. When it comes to buying a franchise, a little careful forethought goes a long way. By this I mean the importance of proper business planning cannot be underestimated. A suitable, realistic business plan is essential to attract funding. In addition, working out your game plan tells […]

COVID Accountancy Questions

The Pandemic has brought up a number of common accountancy compliance questions.  For example, how can loans, grants and furloughed payments be recorded correctly for accounting purposes?  Or, what are the implications of the changes to rules about deferred VAT or personal tax payments?  Here, I’ve outlined a best practice approach. Recording Furloughed Payments For […]

How to plan for the new trading conditions we find ourselves in

Cashflow forecasts can be invaluable as they take the guesswork out of planning, says James Thomas, commercial manager at d&t The battle to control the global pandemic continues. Closer to home, businesses are working hard to get back on track, with many needing to adapt to changed trading conditions. For those who can agile and […]

Bouncing Back from Lockdown

To bounce back from lockdown successfully, franchises will need to take full advantage of all the support offered to businesses in various forms. Franchisees and franchisors will need to be sure they have enough funds in the bank to weather any further storms, plus be well positioned to develop new promotions, ramp-up marketing, increase communication […]

How to secure finance during a pandemic

James Thomas, commercial manager at d&t, lists the various options franchisees have to get funding in today’s financial environment For those looking to invest in a franchise or to expand a current franchised business, securing funding from a bank is a logical way to enable expansion. However, where franchises have not seen the return of […]

How to Fund It

For those considering a career change, franchising offers one the most stable routes into business for anyone moving to self-employment. However, savings or a redundancy package may not completely cover the funding required to invest in a franchise. Since the Pandemic, banks are no longer able to provide finance on Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG).  This […]

Planning for a Black Swan

COVID-19 caught the whole world by surprise.  As well as the human tragedy, the financials consequences of the Pandemic will stay with us for years to come.  Such an event is called a Black Swan.   First identified before the 2008 financial crash by finance professor, writer and former Wall Street trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb, […]